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Dear parents, thank you for being with us in 2022.  Now it is the end of 2022, I would like to highlight some interesting education perspectives brought by ChatGPT (if you haven’t heard about ChatGPT, here is an explanation). ChatGPT spurred a huge discussion around AI and the future which it dominates. One of the […]

6 years ago, I was a 33-year-old working mother, trying to get my 3-year-old daughter to speak Chinese.  That was a tough journey as she was both uninterested and super distracted. Sounds familiar? The good thing about me is that I was a trained engineer. Engineers are problem solvers of the world, and we never […]

On June 28 2021, we published our first Chinese storybook created entirely by StoryChopsticks’ students. This event was covered by over 30 media including Tribunnews. As a culmination of their learning, young Chinese language learners work on their very own Chinese stories with guidance from their facilitators, and in the process experience the joy and […]

Why should you always sign up for online language classes? Simply, because you can access native speakers. It is much harder to find native teachers in your local enrichment centers. When young learners are exposed to native speakers, they will first be in shock and render no response. Many parents react to this immediately by […]

We get it. Offline learning is more immersive, more attentive and seemingly more effective. And yes, I do believe you should sign up for offline learning too. Except for language learning. Parents are often on the lookout for quality education such as STEM, coding, sports, etc. For these topics, offline learning indeed provides better results […]

Perhaps, because of this Or this Or these? We all loved children for their loveliness, inquisitiveness and fresh angles to the world. Like this: And this Kids imagine and create all the time. They put shoes on the table, or ride the fans as a bicycle. This innate ability, unfortunately, was educated out during their […]

My 7 year old son used to dread art classes. He could spend the whole class sitting outside the class, playing with his shoelace while his sister is fully enjoying a charcoal sketch session with her pals. We couldn’t find out why till much later – he believed he cannot perform well. The same thing […]

If you ask a kid what she/he would like to become when they grow up, you’ll likely hear “I wish to become a teacher!” Yes, as a teacher, you are one of the first people to lead an impact in a child’s life. If we remove teachers from a generation, the entire human society goes […]

Dear fellow parents and educators, We are pleased to announce that we are launching “AfterSchool” as our new product. AfterSchool is a freestyle Chinese lesson conducted online in our StoryLand (see below). Your children join in this super mario interface with their specially designed avatar, roam around the space to meet others. AfterSchool happens at […]

Author: Sun Yuanxin / Founder of StoryChopsticks In the past 3 weeks, me and my team had the privilege to speak to all our customers. As Many of you have expressed concerns over your children’s overly tight schedule, I would like to share my own experience with you. I have a 9-year-old girl and a […]

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