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StoryChopsticks presents

Dinosaur & Ice Cream

an Improvised Musical

This summer, there is a dinosaur (恐龙) who fell in love with ice cream(冰淇淋). He went on a world tour to find its favorite ice cream, together with two lovely kids Yuanyuan and Wanwan. Will the kids be able to hide the secret from their parents as they embark on a journey to explore where and how ice-cream is made? Will their friendship last forever?
Experience the world’s first original Chinese musical drama performance based on Storychopsticks’ original storybook Dinosaur and Ice Cream, with original music performed by our young learners across the world. The show will be in Chinese, a manifestation of their Chinese learning with us.

The 2021 Winners!


童年狂想 创作属于自己的中文故事

The First Kids-Made Chinese Story Book Launch. StoryChopsticks' Kids with Big Imagination. Dream Big while You Can!

Through KidsCreation, your little writer (and you) will learn story creation techniques, gain entrepreneurship skills, and master the Chinese language.

Story Creation

Earn money from creativity

Chinese Language

How it Works?

KidsCreation is a program where your child can create their own illustrated Chinese books in 5 simple steps!


Your child already has many fascinating stories. Let’s help them articulate.​


We will first get your child to draw their stories as it is usually their most intimate form of expression.


We will coach your child to write it in the Chinese language.​


While your child is imagining, drawing, narrating, and writing, they will naturally (and inevitably) learn the Chinese language through the joy of creation. 


This is the most exciting portion! Your child can learn about what it takes to get their book out in the market.

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Instagram Contest Winner

Congratulations on winning the competition. Don't miss the chance to get your drawing published as a book

1st Place 第一名

Summer, 7 years old

2nd Place 第二名

Rara, 6 years old “Best Friend”

3rd Place 第三名

苏佳敏, 9 years old
“Police catches a mouse”

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