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Our Story

Hello! My name is Yuanxin. I was born in China, studied in the US and, now live and work in Singapore.

A long long time ago ….

My children and I love creating our own stories. We draw together and we create our own flashcards to form sentences in Chinese.

Together with Wan Ting who has 20 years of experience in early education, we have developed Mifan Pedagogy with 43 educators and tested with 500+ young learners (3-12 years old) over 5 years (2016-2021). 

StoryChopsticks has hundreds of students from 4 continents, and our story sets are sold in major supermarkets and bookstores in Singapore. At the moment, we are exploring partnerships with Schools from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, led by Kelvin.

The three of us all believe in stepping out of our comfort zones. And we can see the value of interest-sparking methods for learning. With the launch of our gamified online platform StoryLand in August 2021, we wish to inspire children who fail to find fun in learning.

See how Mifan Pedagogy works in this video. 

To be continued..

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