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We are StoryChopsticks

Let's learn Chinese through the magic of Story Creation

Does your child hate learning Chinese?

You are not alone.

Research reveals - “The most dominant factor which dampened the motivation to learn Chinese is the lack of interest in the language and negative learning experiences associated with it.”

---- Peter Khor Reasons for Poor Performance in Chinese, 2012, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Here is Our Secret Formula

StoryChopsticks developed unique methods to teach young kids the wonders of the Chinese language. Learning Chinese becomes more interesting and engaging for children through our story creation methodology.

Your child will follow the process of storytelling by recalling keywords (through flashcards), drawing, speaking, and writing.

We guarantee that mastering the Chinese language will be a magical experience. And your child will love to learn.

Let's experience an interactive Virtual Socialization

Meet Our Teachers

Our Native Taiwanese teachers are the magicians who will inspire your children to learn the Chinese language by guiding your kids’ creativity and magical thinking.

Meet the StoryChopsticks' magicians whom your children would love to know.

Miss Yoko, The Crowned Witch

Miss Sammy, The Hat Lady

Mr Lin, The Magic Sword

Our Amulets

And yes, we are creators ourselves! We created our own storybooks and flashcards to share the magic with your little ones. We call this 身教重于言传 (example is more important than words) in Chinese.

Get these books and let your kids immerse themselves in the stories to exercise their magical thinking. They are sure to help in mastering the Chinese language faster. Our books are Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) approved.

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