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Tickle School Story Set - 挠痒痒学校故事包

This storybook is drawn by a little girl, and the story is about 圆圆 learning how to tickle her doggy, 皮皮.
The story set has become our original product. The aim of the product is to encourage children’s creativity to turn raw materials from flashcards into a story.

And yes!! Every Purchase of a Story set will get 3 free StoryChopsticks classes. Our teachers will love to guide your kid through a magical process of creation.

*Free 3 lessons.


Package Includes :
1 storybook in Chinese (size: 26cm*20cm, page: 56) This story is about Yuanyuan learns to tickle her dog in a magical TIckle School
30 flashcards (10cm*15cm)
1 drawing book (24*20cm size, 40 sheets)
Handicraft pack

Suitable for 6-8 years old (Level 2)

Each set comes together with 3 free lessons, so children will be guided to use the materials, gain interest in the Chinese language and eventually become self-directed learners.

Preview of the product is available on our Youtube channel (please find the playlist with the same name).


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