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Dear Chinese teachers, time to tell a story!

If you ask a kid what she/he would like to become when they grow up, you’ll likely hear “I wish to become a teacher!”

Yes, as a teacher, you are one of the first people to lead an impact in a child’s life. If we remove teachers from a generation, the entire human society goes back to the stone age immediately. That is why teachers are called the “engineers of human souls”.

Nonetheless, as much as love, there is an equal amount of disappointment towards educators. This is mostly because of the mismatch between the demand of future talents and the approach in traditional education.

In about 20 years, our current students will enter the job market and face fierce competition against AI. There will be no cashiers, bank tellers, or stock brokers, while the demand for problem-solving, creativity and storytelling skills surges.

Look at the classroom where these students are sitting inside – are we providing them the adequate skills to cater to that future world? Aren’t we still carrying on 100 years of practice without major changes? 

Especially so in Chinese teaching?

More and more people are starting to realize the importance of Chinese as a foreign language. It is spoken by 1/ 5 of the world’s population, which leads the most advanced space, IT, commerce industry in the world. Look around and you will likely find a Chinese brand somewhere. In the US or Europe, some public schools are adding Chinese as a core curriculum.

While the trend is picking up, the way we teach Chinese still remains textbook and worksheet based. Students are not enjoying the session but just trying to pass exams.

If we combine the demand for creativity with Chinese learning, it is natural for us to arrive at a creativity-based curriculum, like what we have built in StoryChopsticks.

Over the past 6 years, we partnered with 50+ Chinese educators and 10+ educational institutions, and conducted 500 hours of teaching for 1000+ students (3-12 years old). The results are amazing. 

Look at some of our students storytelling:

The storyteller

See how we organized a students art exhibition:

We have also helped publish a students storybook:
Childhood Rhapsody

And premiered an online musical performance:

How did we do it? 

We did away with textbooks and homework, but rather, we used our original storybooks and guided our students to create their own Chinese stories. In this process, students developed their word recognition, imagination in plotting the story and more importantly, interest and sense of ownership in their learning.

It is time for us to instill stories, creativity and imagination in our classrooms. Join our training to find out how you, too, can lead a story-creation learning in your class, and present your students’ work to their parents, with pride.

Training outline:

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