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On June 28 2021, we published our first Chinese storybook created entirely by StoryChopsticks’ students. This event was covered by over 30 media including Tribunnews.

As a culmination of their learning, young Chinese language learners work on their very own Chinese stories with guidance from their facilitators, and in the process experience the joy and pain of the creative publishing process. StoryChopsticks’ Zongzi (粽子) Book #1 – Childhood Rhapsody is the first such collection with stories and illustrations from young Chinese language learners in Singapore and the United States.

“StoryChopsticks Founders highly appreciate children’s creativity, that’s why they can develop this novel approach to inspire Chinese learning through story creation. As a professional early educator, we can not only see the learning results, drawing, and imagination of the young learners, but also the extraordinary ability of expressing themselves poetically. That ability is even beyond adults’ language mastery.” said Assistant Professor I-Ling Wang from Taiwan Yu Da University of Science and Technology.

Now the good news is – we are calling for the second publication!

Starting from now on till the end of December, we will collect good stories created in our regular classes by our long-term students, curate, compile and publish them into a book, carrying the little authors’ name.

Not only that, we will also sign copyright contracts with these young authors and divide book revenue with them on proper publishing terms. This will be your child’s first ever contract signing experience!

If you are already our long term students, there is no action required from your side 🙂

Otherwise, join now to qualify for this book.

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Yuanxin / Founder of StoryChopsticks

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