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Don’t underestimate your child

Why should you always sign up for online language classes? Simply, because you can access native speakers. It is much harder to find native teachers in your local enrichment centers.

When young learners are exposed to native speakers, they will first be in shock and render no response.

Many parents react to this immediately by believing their children cannot learn much from such advanced interactions. Well, I cannot disagree more on this.

Remember the first time you went to a foreign country? How do you feel?

You feel timid and shy and unable to communicate, correct? You feel embarrassed and try your best to express your need, correct? Furthermore, you go extra miles to remember certain phrases in that local language, right?

That is exactly what happens when your child gets exposed to a full Chinese language environment.

The young brain will need to switch off their comfortable language, and turn on survival mode to learn a foreign one. 

They will not only get the correct tones, pronunciations and phrases, but also the ability to express themselves in Chinese. Often, the teachers hear students say “wo bu zhi dao” (I don’t know), “wo lei le” (I am tired), or “wo yao zuo shen me” (What should I do?). This is a brilliant moment that the learners are expressing in their new languages. 

A native speaking environment is necessary for all language learners. As a parent, what you need to do is to trust that your child can learn well, and trust that even when they feel overwhelmed, they can figure out how to deal with the situation.

Don’t underestimate your child.

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