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Why should you try online learning?

We get it. Offline learning is more immersive, more attentive and seemingly more effective. And yes, I do believe you should sign up for offline learning too.

Except for language learning.

Parents are often on the lookout for quality education such as STEM, coding, sports, etc. For these topics, offline learning indeed provides better results and a higher sense of belonging.

Foreign language, on the other hand, is a totally different story. A few reasons:

  1. Online learning connects learners with native speakers

Chinese as a foreign language requires 10 times more repetition than English. When exposed to native speakers, children build a stronger sense of the language. It takes them less effort to correct their tones, strokes and phonetics.

  1. With the same quality, online programs are more affordable

A physical enrichment center usually invests 50% of its cost in rental, equipment, hiring and retaining good teachers. In a Chinese minority country, this manpower cost is much higher than in their native countries. 

An online program saves on rental and manpower costs to invest more on the curriculum and teaching materials.

  1. Expose your child to worldly resources when they are young

Undoubtedly, the future world requires our little ones to develop a strong digital literacy and ability to leverage global resources. Expose them early, expose them often, and one day, they will know how to organize a global network of logistics, manpower and resources. On the plus side, they can make international friends from as young as 3 years old.

Certainly, there are drawbacks of online learning as well. For instance, the audio and visual input of online learning is limited. And children miss the necessary exposure as well.

In StoryChopsticks, we fixed the problem by shipping well-designed story materials to the young learners, and added in a complimentary 1 hour live Afterschool program every week to increase the exposure.

Our young learners also enjoy creating their own storybooks. Learning effect is maximized while learners are fully engaged.

Despite the fact that we are online, children love us just as much!

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