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Why you should over challenge your child?

My 7 year old son used to dread art classes.

He could spend the whole class sitting outside the class, playing with his shoelace while his sister is fully enjoying a charcoal sketch session with her pals.

We couldn’t find out why till much later – he believed he cannot perform well. The same thing happened to my daughter in her chess class.

It is common for young children to be obsessed with “being the champion” of everything. This certainly has worked against many of them, especially when it doesn’t come together with the determination to commit.

For one to survive a 12 year long academic competition and a 40 year long professional one, it is essential to possess optimism and perseverance to stay in the game.

That is why when my fellow mother puts her son Shane (who can speak basic Chinese only) in a fully immersive Chinese class, I feel happy for her. The challenging environment inspires problem-solving for her little Shane to navigate through the situation. While it could be frustrating at the beginning, the reward is worth it.

If you study your own life, the steepest learning curve often comes when you deal with uncertainties, unfamiliar situations, and sometimes even dangerous circumstances.

This is especially true for Chinese learning in a Chinese minority market. We form an interesting while intensive context for your young ones to experience the joy and pain of learning. 

From 1 Sep 2022 onwards, we have switched on a 100% subscription model. This subscription model we use is like a school setup – when you are in school, be fully committed with your time and efforts. 

That is a requirement for any process to bear fruits.

Challenge your child with a disciplined time commitment, a fully immersive Chinese language environment, while rewarding them with fun learning experiences. Eventually, he or she can harvest a higher sense of satisfaction of “being the real champion”.

不劳无获 (No pains no gains)

Yours sincerely 

Yuanxin – Founder of StoryChopsticks

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