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StoryChopsticks launches freestyle live Chinese learning “AfterSchool”

Dear fellow parents and educators,

We are pleased to announce that we are launching “AfterSchool” as our new product.

AfterSchool is a freestyle Chinese lesson conducted online in our StoryLand (see below). Your children join in this super mario interface with their specially designed avatar, roam around the space to meet others.

AfterSchool happens at designated time (afternoon or evening), at the Chinese Corner of StoryLand. We will lead a group of 10 students, aged between 4-9, to explore interesting topics together with our highly interactive instructors.

This was a session in July named “StoryChopsticks got talent”. Yin Mei Laoshi (teacher at the top left corner) led our little musicians on a musical journey, followed by a talent show of every little participant. 

* Way to go, little recorder player Axelle!

In Aug, we tried STEM topics such as fun math, science experiments and the solar system.

Our enthusiastic young learners participated in making bouncy eggs and blowing up the moon!

I thought you were teaching Chinese? You may ask.

Yes, all sessions are entirely done in Chinese. Though your child might not understand what is 物理 (physics), they very much enjoyed the experiment demonstration in an immersive Chinese environment.

That is what AfterSchool is about. We lead your children to learn more than just literacy, but science, history, philosophy, music and art. We believe the freestyle learning of Chinese language helps children develop deep interest and therefore enhance their listening and speaking skills.

* Our little learners in their mario avatar

While we believe AfterSchool is the enzyme of Chinese learning, it is not a structured way of learning with concrete milestones. If you are looking for intensive result driven learning, check out our live programs:

However, if you wish your child to have enhanced exposure to Chinese, while learning about the world and developing passion for learning, AfterSchool is perfect for you!

Sign up here: afterschool

AfterSchool Subscription

Price: USD$27 / IDR 399K per month
Frequency: Weekly
Timing: Wednesdays at 7pm SGT/6pm JKT or suggest your timings via WhatsApp to +65 97234265
Group Size: 10
Age: 4 – 9

Start any time you want, cancel any time you want.

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