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Singapore, Singapore – 28 Jun 2021  –  Singapore company StoryChopsticks launches the world’s first series of illustrated Chinese children books entirely developed by young children. As a culmination of their learning, young Chinese language learners work on their very own Chinese stories with guidance from their facilitators, and in the process experience the joy and […]

早安 – 7岁,住在美国西雅图。去年5月到现在一直在故事筷子网课学中文。平时很喜欢画画,喜欢超级英雄的故事。他创作的早安的故事是关于自己和妹妹的日常生活,以及想象中的奇幻历险。因为早安的中文有限,所以他先用英文写出的故事,再用google translate 翻译成中文字抄下来。这是他的简介。 Theo – 7 years old boy living in Seattle, US. He has been studying Chinese with StoryChopsticks since May 2020. He loves drawing and creating superhero stories. As he doesn’t write Chinese very well, he used Google Translate to get the story texts and copied down in Chinese. 牛崽 – […]

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