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关于三位小作者:About the Author

早安 – 7岁,住在美国西雅图。去年5月到现在一直在故事筷子网课学中文。平时很喜欢画画,喜欢超级英雄的故事。他创作的早安的故事是关于自己和妹妹的日常生活,以及想象中的奇幻历险。因为早安的中文有限,所以他先用英文写出的故事,再用google translate 翻译成中文字抄下来。这是他的简介。

Theo – 7 years old boy living in Seattle, US. He has been studying Chinese with StoryChopsticks since May 2020. He loves drawing and creating superhero stories. As he doesn’t write Chinese very well, he used Google Translate to get the story texts and copied down in Chinese.

牛崽 – 7岁,住在美国新泽西。去年9月到现在一直在故事筷子网课学中文。牛崽喜欢看书,尤其喜欢看恐龙和西游记的书,他也很喜欢听故事和创作。这本书里面由他创作出来的三个小故事 – 一个聪明人去寻宝的故事,一个眼睛的故事,还有一个关于太阳系的星球的故事。这是他的简介。

Zachary – 7 years old from Jersey City, US. He has been studying Chinese with StoryChopsticks since Sep 2020. He loves dinosaur and Monkey King stories. In this book, he has created 3 mini stories – treasure hunt, a story about eyes, and a solar system’ planets story.

蕴之 – 8岁,住在新加坡。她和妈妈一起创作了很多故事,也和妈妈一起创造了编故事学中文的方法。蕴之很喜欢漫画书,她最喜欢的故事之一叫做Amulet。这本书里面的小故事就是受到Amulet的启发创作而出的,一个普通的小女孩因为一条神秘的项链得到超能力的故事。这是她的简介。

Yunzhi – 8 years old girl from Singapore. She has created countless stories with her mom, and together they developed this Chinese learning method through story creation. She especially loves comics. This story 龙的力量 is inspired by a famous comic series named Amulet.


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