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StoryChopsticks launches in Thailand

Kelvin Quee 魏有豪

Co-Founder, Head of Product at StoryChopsticks

Today, StoryChopsticks launches in Thailand.

Amidst intense competition, we have continued to innovate on what truly matters for our end users: Fun Chinese lessons focused on children’s self expression.

A brief history

Since May 2020 we have been designing, printing, and shipping physicals Chinese books for young children, then evolving to add online lessons. Our unique “offline first then online” perspective gave us a very different lens to what our young learners really value.
We launched the world’s first Chinese book entirely written and illustrated by young children in June 2021:

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In January 2022, we were celebrated the works of our customers with the world’s first children art exhibition in Jakarta contrasting their drawings before and after the pandemic:

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Solving what truly matters

We could have just launched yet another online tutoring service or another spaced repetition app, but we choose to build value starting from the fundamentals:

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  • We design and print our original stories and flashcards so that we ensure they are truly engaging and helpful (eg flashcards with built-in grammar).
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  • A significant portion of our students take lessons beyond the standard video conferencing format, eg through a “Mario” game-like environment that we call “StoryLand”.
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  • We continue to experiment with new formats. For example, free form lessons “AfterSchool” that involves children really expressing themselves in Chinese with the musical instruments that they perform and their favourite toys.

The core reason why we continue to innovate, instead of choosing the easy way out, is that inspiring young children to learn is the most important work we can do. If our children loses the motivation to learn, Chinese or otherwise, our future remains bleak.

Building the environment to learn

We are now very proud to bring what has been available in Indonesia and a few other English-speaking markets to Thailand.

However, the same challenge remains: How do you create an effective learning environment for young children living in Chinese-minority environments?

We will continue to put our beautifully printed books and flashcards on the shelves of our students, and we will continue to innovate with more innovative un-structured lessons that amaze our children and their parents alike. Our students end every lesson with a story of their own that they drew and written with words that they just learnt.

Because, when your child is inspired to create with what they have learnt, they truly learn.

If you have not checked us out:

Thanks Tony Yeoh and Mayank Parekh of M Venture Partners for joining StoryChopsticks in this journey.

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