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Dear valued customers,

Here’s to your continued safety and good health.

This message is a humble notification that StoryChopsticks will be adjusting our product and price starting the 1st of September, 2022. Here are the changes:

  1. All class packs will no longer be available
  2. Instead, we will provide various subscriptions: monthly, quarterly, annually.
  3. New price list:
*Price excluded shipping cost*
*Via air for first package and via sea for next package (ship 3 months in advance)

However, we will be providing you with VIP privilege. you may purchase classes at the current price before we reflect the new pricing. Subscription customers will always enjoy the current monthly fees unless canceling.

Here are the reasons behind our price adjustment:

First, we have been striving to produce high quality original materials to be used both in and after school.

Since July 2022, we have produced storybooks, hands-on activity kits and flashcards to ensure high engagement of our students.

We believe that any online learning is not effective without offline enhancement. Our design and content comply with age appropriateness and quality standards.

Second, we have added AfterSchool program in our services.

AfterSchool is a program which explores free form of Chinese learning by engaging young learners via fun activities, such as StoryChopsticks got talent.

This enriching program has been offered for free to all long term customers from Aug 2021 – June 2022. This has increased Chinese exposure from 1.5 hours/week to 2.5 hours/week.

The increased price will help us develop a wider scope of topics such as fun math. The new AfterSchool program is scheduled for mid August 2022.

Third, we have built in milestones measuring your children’s learning progress in a collaborative and expressive way. 

In Jan 2022, we launched a students’ gallery featuring children’s art expressed in our lessons.

In May 2022, hundreds of viewers from 10+ countries watched the live streaming of Dinosaur and Ice Cream.

This is the world’s first children’s online Chinese musical, performed entirely by young learners of StoryChopsticks from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Ukraine.

We are planning to publish original content created by our young learners, experimented in the KidsPublish program last year. 

By contributing to our program, you help our young learners build their confidence and make a dent in the universe by producing their own creative products.

One more thing. We are Kidsafe certified!  It is important for us to provide a conducive environment for our young learners, and we are in the process of instituting certifications to ensure quality and safety.

With all these efforts, we are sure that your young ones’ learning experience will be memorable, measurable and safe. We will continue to provide you with the top-notch service you’re familiar with and we’re confident that we’ll offer more value than one year ago. Hence, our price adjustment.

However, we wanted to give back a little to you, our loyal customers. Please enjoy an exclusive VIP package— purchase our monthly subscription at current price, or simply continue your subscription if you have already done so.

Rest assured, as long as you’re actively subscribed, the price will NEVER raise. You can even do all your transactions straight from our website:

To enjoy the exclusive Rate, please finish all transactions before the 1st of September 2022.

On behalf of StoryChopsticks and all our associates, thank you again for supporting us through this exciting journey.


CEO of StoryChopsticks 

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