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7 Reasons to Join StoryChopsticks, It’s not an Ordinary Chinese Course

Learning the Chinese language is one of the activities that are perfect during the lull of the pandemic. Enhancing your child’s language skills, specifically, the Chinese language can be profitable in the future. This is especially true considering that China’s economy is rapidly growing.

Moreover, native speakers of the Chinese language now reach around two billion people, making it the second most-used language in the world after English.

Today, you can start learning the Chinese language easily.

With the latest technology in your hands, all you need to do is open your laptop or cellphone, connect to the internet, and start your journey to being proficient in the Chinese language.

Some people might be concerned about excessive screen time. But, the pros outweigh the cons on this matter. Think about it. Children born in the digital age are naturals in adapting quickly, and learning through the screen is one of these activities.

Teachers are also required to be more creative and will go above and beyond to liven up the atmosphere.

They understand that learning online can be tedious and unsatisfactory, especially with an unstable internet connection that only adds to the frustration.

By adding game-like elements that are engaging and fun, the new learning process is sure to be successful.

And that’s something that StoryChopsticks implements. At StoryChopsticks, your child will be learning Chinese in a fun, entertaining way. Without a doubt, this is a Chinese course like no other!

Fun in Learning

The Chinese course at StoryChopsticks is hosted on a game platform. Children will enter the online game to join the StoryChopsticks class and play challenges inside the virtual world while learning Chinese.

Here, your child will need to finish goals by finding objects to help practice and enhance their vocabulary. After each lesson, your child can then explore the digital world to learn on their own.

At the moment, the StoryChopsticks game platform is still in its pilot phase. But it will soon completely replace Zoom as our main teaching method.

Emphasis on Natural Learning

At StoryChopsticks, we give importance to children’s natural learning processes when it comes to studying a new language, specifically Mandarin. Lessons are carried out in stages that are easy to understand and recall.

It is our belief that the right process will bring optimal results. By starting children with everyday Mandarin, they will inevitably broaden their vocabulary, continue on to make simple sentences, until they can finally practice their writing skills and be creative in making their own stories.

That is why StoryChopsticks adheres to a storytelling approach to introduce Chinese vocabulary. It helps build your child’s imagination and keeps them in a happy mood. To supplement the lesson after each storytelling session, your child will also learn new vocabulary through flashcards. They can then begin to create their own version of the story by writing and drawing, using the new words they learned.

Indeed, the StoryChopsticks process can help train your child’s creativity and imagination while keeping them happy!

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Cultivating Creativity

The truth is, no child is born creative.

But creativity is an ability that can be trained, polished, and made better. At StoryChopsticks, we don’t just practice understanding or speaking in Chinese. We also put importance on developing your child’s creativity and imagination by allowing them to create their own stories in Mandarin.

Chinese-speaking Teachers

At StoryChopsticks, our teachers that facilitate the Chinese classes are all native speakers of Taiwan.

Our Indonesian and English-speaking teachers are only available in the early stages of the lesson, for children who have zero experience with the Chinese language.

“My child, Cassie, is learning Chinese with a native speaker. Cassie seems to enjoy her lessons so much that she doesn’t skip! As part of a family who doesn’t speak Chinese, I was so surprised at how much fun she has even though she didn’t understand the language at first.”

Small-Class Learning

Children will have the chance for better engagement as we conduct classes on a small scale. As of September 2021, we only allow 3 children per class so that the teacher can provide their full attention to each student.

Enjoy Your Child’s Own Published Book

This is the most exciting part of the StoryChopsticks program.

Children can be as creative as they want when making their own versions of the story, complete with their drawings and writings. These are then published into books.

And not just published… their books will also be for sale! There will be a written copyright loyalty contract between your child and StoryChopsticks, just like any professional writer!

Collaborating & Making Friends Worldwide

Online learning allows your child to study Mandarin with other children who live in different countries. This experience helps teach them diversity as well as enhances the spirit of collaboration in their work.

Case in point, the first book published by KidsPublish StoryChopsticks was created by three children authors who live on two different continents, Asia and America!

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