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5 Super Fun Ways to Learn Mandarin for Kids

The professions we grew up with may not be the most important, nor the most popular today.

When we were young, our dreams were to become a doctor, teacher, engineer, astronaut, soldier, or policeman. But our kids today want to be something else.

Kids, nowadays, prefer to become Esports athletes, content creators, and social media influencers; all professions that during our time were unthinkable. This is an effect of the Internet Era.

So, yes, professions we looked up to may not be the most popular today. But, at least, there are some skills that we feel are still needed for the future. One of these is the ability to speak in Mandarin.

In today’s economic landscape, China continues to show its potential to become a super nation with the world’s strongest economy. Therefore, learning to speak in the Mandarin language will help our children become competitive at a global level.

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It’s good news, then, that there are a number of Chinese language courses that can help improve language skills, especially for children.

But not all of them will be as effective as the others. Children will need to feel at home to become motivated in improving their Mandarin-speaking skills. That’s why it’s best to introduce learning in a fun way.

Story telling

Children love stories, whether they’re telling or listening to them. So, introduce your children to books with interesting stories that are told in Mandarin. This way, learning Mandarin is more natural and less like cramming in vocabulary.

Make games with flashcards

Create flashcards with basic Chinese words, and paste pictures of what they represent. Start with everyday things that appear in your home. Then, you can make the activity more exciting and engaging by asking your children to look for mysterious objects on a map of the house.

Cooking time

Another way to maximize learning Mandarin is to cook oriental dishes while using Chinese words to teach your child each culinary step.


Learning Mandarin is even more fun if you can all go to places with Chinese as its first language. It’ll be super exciting if you can travel all the way to China!

However, while the pandemic is ongoing, we can stick to traveling without moving. For example, access museums and other tourist destinations through the internet. It’s now super easy to go to places by traveling in cyberspace first!

Watching movies together

Choose Chinese films that are suitable for children. Make sure that they’re not too long so you can keep your children’s attention and maximize their comprehension. At the very least, watching movies will exercise their Chinese listening skills.

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