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Me and Robot : 我和机器人伙伴

You'll see how the six young authors have created stories that are funny, heartfelt, and surprising. 

Childhood Rhapsody (童年狂想)

KidsPublish is part of our program that gives children the opportunity to publish their own brilliant ideas through a storybook. Cause everyone can be a ""little J.K Rowling"". Children will learn story creation techniques, gain entrepreneurial skills, and master the Chinese language.

Sunshine and Starlight 阳光与星星灯

Let’s follow Sunny and Moony to a magic forest! See how they bring lights to the darkness, and how they found the way home when lights were gone. A story for only the bravest young explorers.

Red Yellow Blue 红黄蓝

Sunny loves red but Moony loves blue. Sunny wants to paint the world red, but Moony wants to paint world blue. They are upset about each other . However, they find a way to make both happy, and the world becomes a more colorful place. Enjoy this story about colors!

The Young Train and Old Train 小火车与老火车

Sunny and Moony took a very fast ride on a young train, during which they discovered an old train. The old train stopped as it ran out of coal. Will the old train reach home successfully? Find out in this book how Sunny and Moony met the trains and help out the old train!

Dinosaur with Ice Cream 恐龙与冰淇凌

Sunny and Moony are sister and brother. They are adventurous, loving, kind, brave children who enjoy exploring the world in every story. One day, when they were taking a walk beside Loch Ness lake, a giant shadow appeared in front of them ... What is that? Is it a monster? Or a dinosaur? Let’s find out in this book!

Moony That Eats Toothpaste 爱吃牙膏的弯弯

Moony likes to eat sweets but he hates brushing his teeth. One day, his mother bought him a new banana flavored toothpaste that he just couldn’t stop eating, after which he starts floating! What happens next? Find out in this book the crazy adventure of Sunny and Moony!

A Magical Cat 咦?神奇小猫!

There’s a kitten that comes and plays with Sunny and Moony everyday. The strange part is that the kitten Sunny sees is different than the one Moony sees. One day, while playing hide-and-seek, Sunny and the kitten — POOF! — magically go to a different dimension. Want to know what happens next? Find out in this book as Sunny and Moony explore a whole new world of science!

The Tickle School 挠痒痒学校

Sunny loves tickling her loved ones but no matter how hard she tries, her dog does not giggle. Sunny finds herself at “Tickle School”. Will she discover how to tickle her dog? This book is illustrated by Yunzhi aged 6.

Showing 1–9 of 11 results


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