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Sunshine and Starlight 阳光与星星灯

Let’s follow Sunny and Moony to a magic forest!

See how they bring lights to the darkness,
and how they found the way home when lights were gone.

A story for only the bravest young explorers.


Author: Sun Yuanxin 孙苑馨
ISBN: 978-981-14-1929-4
Dimension: 26cm*20cm

*Storybook Features*
-Help children fall in love with Chinese using fun stories
-Guide children in creating their own tales using stories and flash cards
-Foster young creators to publish their very first storybooks

*About the Author*
Yuanxin is the founder of StoryChopsticks and an advocate of creativity-based Chinese language learning methodologies.
She holds a master’s degree in Engineering from Cornell University and has worked at technology companies including Google.
She has led hundreds of children to create their first Chinese stories since 2016.


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