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我是一個喜歡和孩子玩的老師,音樂、畫畫、閱讀與創作是我的興趣,我希望每個孩子都有快樂美好的童年回憶,也期許自己可以成為很棒的老師。 I am a teacher who likes to play with children. Music, painting, reading and creation are my interests. I hope that every child will have happy and beautiful childhood memories, and I also hope that I can become a great teacher.

王詩函 Stella

国籍 Nationality :台湾 Taiwanese

我是雅西老师我的性格开朗温柔有耐心,我的兴趣爱好广泛,会弹古筝会唱歌。兴趣爱好是看动漫,摄影,看书。做事比较用心,有较强的责任感,对小朋友充满爱心 希望可以和你们一起有趣的学习华文 My personality is cheerful, gentle and patient. I have a wide range of interests and hobbies. I can play the guzheng and sing. Hobbies are watching anime, photography, and reading books. Work more attentively, have a strong sense of responsibility, and be full of love for children.Hope to have fun learning Chinese with you

杨雅西 Yang Ya Xi

国籍 Nationality : 中国 Chinese

我喜歡營造輕鬆愉快的上課氣氛讓小孩可以大方的表達,我喜歡利用彼此聊聊天的方式來練習中文,培養說中文的習慣。在上課中我很常讓學生們發揮想像力表達自己的創意與想法,讓學習更加生動有趣,我也會很有耐心的解決所有問題!和我一起快樂的學中文吧~ I like to create an atmosphere where children can express themselves freely. I like to use chatting to practice and develop the habit of speaking Chinese. During the lesson, I often let students develop their imagination to show their creativity and ideas. Make learning more lively and interesting. Also I will be patient to solve all the questions, just enjoy learning Chinese with me.

黃嘉熏 Huang Chia Hsun

国籍 Nationality :台湾 Taiwanese

我是一位很热心,很有耐心又温柔的老师,在课程中让孩子发挥自己无限的想象力并分享自己的想法,非常喜欢小朋友有无限的想象力! 让孩子们快乐的学习:) I am a very enthusiastic, very patient and gentle teacher, in the course to let children use their unlimited imagination and share their own ideas, very much like the children have unlimited imagination! Make children happy learning :)

思琦 Szu chi

国籍 Nationality :台湾 Taiwanese

我是一位有同理心、活潑、熱情的老師。上課方式多以鼓勵、互動的方式作為教學。透過互動過程中,我會注意每一位學生的上課狀況,將會不斷的調整與教學的方式。同樣的教材內容,我會選擇因材施教,了解學生及家長的需求,積極的與細心的教導學生,當學生遇到困難時,我會耐心的陪伴著,一步步領導學生們找到自我的價值及成就感,也一點一滴激發孩子們的信心及創造力,理解自己的潛能。 I am an empathic, lively and enthusiastic teacher. I teach in an encouraging and interactive way. Through the interactive process, I will pay attention to each student’s condition in class and will constantly adjust my teaching style. With the same content, I will choose to teach students according to their needs, understand the needs of students and parents, and teach them actively and carefully. When students encounter difficulties, I will patiently accompany them and lead them step by step to find their self-worth and sense of accomplishment, as well as inspire their confidence and creativity little by little to understand their potential.

王鈞志 Wang Jun Zhi

国籍 Nationality :台湾 Taiwanese

有点古灵精怪的唐老师。我会营造出有爱和放松的课堂氛围,让大家都能享受学习的时光,并给予彼此支持与反馈。我擅长使用苏格拉底询问法打开学生的脑洞,激发他们输出语言的动力。我还热衷于剖析学生的个人兴趣与需求,并以此设计个性化的教学方案。我深信语言教学是培养素养的媒介,而我能用自己社交情感教学方面的经验培养学生的自我觉察力、创造力、同理心、项目管理能力,等等。 I see myself as a teacher of fun, a sense of humor and curiosity. I enjoy creating a relaxing and loving learning vibe to help engage every student and enable them to support each other. I am good at using Socratic method to facilitate an intriguing conversation, inspiring limitless imagination and various perspectives, so as to motivate students to generate outputs. I am also keen on analyzing individual interests and needs, thus creating personalized learning plans. I firmly believe that language learning is a medium of skill learning. With my past experience in social emotional counseling, I would love to help promote students' self-awareness, creativity, emphathy, and project management, etc.

唐玥 Tang Yue

国籍 Nationality :中国 Chinese

我是一位开朗积极和热情的老师。我会针对个别的孩子使用不同的方法来授课过程中与他们交流好让他们可以参与并享受学习中文的乐趣,也会融入互动式游戏活动和颜色丰富的视觉教材来激发学生的兴趣和创造力 I am a cheerful, positive and passionate teacher. I'll use various way to approach and interact with my students individually so that they can participate and enjoy learning Chinese. I'll also introduce interactive games, activities and illustrations with bright colors to spark my students' interest and creativity.

覃钊颖 Cham Zhao Ying

国籍 Nationality :马来西亚 Malaysian

教学是我的热忱,但学生们的进步和努力更是我教学最大的动力哦!闲暇之余,我平时爱看看戏剧和写写故事!放轻松,老师将和你们听说故事, 动手作画, 观看视频,还有重点是开开玩笑!你们肯定会爱上中文的!老师我感到很兴奋可以成为学生们中文学习的同伴哦!就让我带领你们遨游中文世界! Teaching is my passion, but students’ improvement and striving spirit are definitely what pushing me the most! I usually love to watch dramas and write stories during spare time. Just relax, we’ll be reading stories, doing artwork and watching videos and on top of all, joking around! You will certainly fall in love with Mandarin! I am excited to partner with you in your Mandarin learning journey! Now, allow me to lead you in exploring the world of Mandarin!

陈成莹 Angel

国籍 Nationality : 马来西亚 Malaysian

国籍 Nationality :台湾 Taiwanese 语言水平 Language proficiency  :华文 Chinese 教育背景 Education background  :嘉南藥理科技大學 嬰幼兒保育系 班级  Classes : Teaches in full Chinese

謝雅貴 Hsieh Ya Kuei

国籍 Nationality :台湾 Taiwanese

Kids love my character and interactive classes. Together with my passion for kids and a degree in special education, learning becomes an interest among my students

刘芳瑜 Fang Yu

国籍 Nationality :台湾 Taiwanese

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