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郭嘉倩 Kok Jia Qian

国籍 Nationality :马来西亚 Malaysian

语言水平 Language proficiency :华文 Chinese、英文 English, 马来文 Melayu 

教育背景 Education background  : 厦门大学马来西亚分校,化工工程师
Xiamen University Malaysia, Chemical Engineering

关于我 About me  : 我是一位有活力、很开朗的一位老师。上课时会多以鼓励和互动的模式来带动学生们和作为教学。从互动的过程中,我会注意和了解学生的上课状态、会不断的调整教学方式。当我跟学生互动时,我都会把他们看作是我的弟弟妹妹,会慢慢地去认识每一位学生。我们把学习变得快乐起来吧!
Hi! I am an energetic and cheerful teacher. In class, I usually teach in an encouraging and interactive way which also aims to encourage the students to participate more frequently. Through interacting with the students, I will observe and understand the student’s condition in class and will be modifying my teaching methods accordingly. I like to talk to my students as if they are my siblings and get to know them one by one. Let’s make learning fun!

班级 Classes  : 以中英双语进行教学 Teaches in Mandarin and English

魔法能力 Magic skills : 无穷无尽的能量来配合小朋友们让学习变得快乐起来!
Endless energy to match with my students so classes will always be fun and filled with smiles!

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