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唐玥 Tang Yue

国籍 Nationality :中国 Chinese

语言水平 Language proficiency  : 中文普通话Mandarin(Native)、英语English(C2)、韩语Korena(B1)、法语French(A2)

教育背景 Education background : University of Pennsylvannia, Master of Science in Education Technology

关于我 About me  : 我是有点搞笑,有点古灵精怪的唐老师。我会营造出有爱和放松的课堂氛围,让大家都能享受学习的时光,并给予彼此支持与反馈。我擅长使用苏格拉底询问法打开学生的脑洞,激发他们输出语言的动力。我还热衷于剖析学生的个人兴趣与需求,并以此设计个性化的教学方案。我深信语言教学是培养素养的媒介,而我能用自己社交情感教学方面的经验培养学生的自我觉察力、创造力、同理心、项目管理能力,等等。
This is Tang Laoshi. I see myself as a teacher of fun, a sense of humor and curiosity. I enjoy creating a relaxing and loving learning vibe to help engage every student and enable them to support each other. I am good at using Socratic method to facilitate an intriguing conversation, inspiring limitless imagination and various perspectives, so as to motivate students to generate outputs. I am also keen on analyzing individual interests and needs, thus creating personalized learning plans. I firmly believe that language learning is a medium of skill learning. With my past experience in social emotional counseling, I would love to help promote students’ self-awareness, creativity, emphathy, and project management, etc.

班级 Classes  : 全中文,可以融入英文辅助理解

魔法能力 Magic skills :问出意想不到的脑洞问题

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