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关慧玲 Linda

国籍 Nationality :印度尼西亚  Indonesian

语言水平 Language proficiency  :华文 Chinese、英文 English,  印尼语 Indonesia

教育背景 Education background  :

关于我 About me  : Hi, 我叫 Linda老师, 你们也可以叫我慧玲老师,我是一个精力充沛,表情丰富的人,我喜欢和孩子们一起玩,和他们分享任何事,即使只是一个关于日常生活的小故事,童话故事或冒险故事。用简单的单词让孩子们可以理解课程内容,故事书、玩具等帮助孩子们创造自己的故事并与他人分享。我希望能让小朋友对华语感兴趣。
Hi! My name is Linda, you can call me Hui Ling. I’m a energetic and full of expression person, i like to play with children and share anything with them, even it’s just a small story about daily life, fairy tale or adventure story. I’ll make my class very interesting, using simple words that children can understand, story book, toys and other for help them create their own story and share it with others.

班级 Classes  : 会以中英印三语进行教学 Teaches in Chinese, English, Indonesian

魔法能力 Magic skills : 与小孩子沟通技巧
Communication skills with the kids

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