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To Dear Parents 给家长的话:

Chinese has been recognized as one of the dominant world languages and of great importance for our younger generations to acquire. Thank you for choosing us as your child’s partner in this second/third language learning journey.

We aim to bring interest-sparking experiences to your little ones with stories, cards and creative activities. To help your child learn, we seek your cooperation to trust us in developing interest in the Chinese language, and as much as possible, create a positive language environment at home using our materials and our online resources.

Welcome to StoryChopsticks Magic School! Below is everything you need to know about enrolling. Please read it carefully to ensure your little prince/little princess has a smooth and easy experience.




欢迎来到 StoryChopsticks 魔法学校!以下是有关注册所有须知。请仔细阅读,以确保您的小王子/公主有一个流畅轻松的学习体验。

1. Payment and Requesting For Leave

Payment will be automatically deducted from your account every month, and you may cancel the subscription on your own at any time. For example: Subscription started August 13th, then canceled on September 29th. Therefore classes will end by October 13th. You may then continue where you left off by subscribing again.

How to ask for a leave

There’s no replacement class provided if you have to take a leave. However, we might consider providing the ongoing class as a replacement if you have an emergency situation for the leave request. Please speak to our representative.


每个月款项将自动从您的账户中扣除,您也可以随时自行取消注册。例如:如果您的注册期于8 月 13 日开始,再于9 月 29 日取消。那您的因课程将于 10 月 13 日为终止。过后,您可以再次与我们注册,并继续上次中断的课程。



2. Platforms used for Classes

We have platform StoryLand and Zoom.


我们有两个平台:米饭和StoryLand & Zoom.

3. Class Rules in Storyland

Please ensure your child joins the class on time and always follows the teacher’s instruction. Please maintain the surrounding quiet during class. Once your child is settled in, turn on the video and pay attention to the teacher. During class, allow your child and the teacher to interact in Storyland’s classroom. Do not walk around the campus while class is ongoing. We will provide enough time for your child to happily explore StoryLand after each class session is completed. Note: Please use a laptop for class.

四、StoryLand 的课堂规则

请确保您的孩子准时上课,并时时刻刻听从老师的指示。上课时请保持周围环境安静。一旦您的孩子安顿下来,打开视频并专注于老师。在课堂上,让您的孩子和老师在 Storyland 的教室里互动。上课时请不要在校园里走动。一旦课堂结束后,我们将提供您的孩子足够的时间来愉快地探索 StoryLand。注意:请使用笔记本电脑上课。

4. Classes renewal

Per September 2022, our classes are based on subscription. The renewal will be automatically applied monthly and deduct the payment to your credit card. The length period of renewal is based on the subscription you have determined at the first time purchase.

Please speak to our representative if you prefer to pay upfront via transfer to our bank account.


从 2022 年 9 月起,我们的课程将根据订阅模式。课程更新将在每个月自动进行,并从您的信用卡中扣除款项。更新期限是根据您首次的购买。


6. National Holidays
There will be no classes on Chinese New Year (1 week), Hari Raya (1 week), Christmas (1 day) and New Year’s Eve (1 day) and New Year (1 day).


农历新年(1 周)、开斋节(1 周)、圣诞节(1 天)、除夕夜(1 天)和新年(1 天)将没有上课。

7. Student’s Learning Profile  

The Student’s learning profile is the teacher’s observation of your child’s performance and learning progress. This profile is an important communication between you (the parents), the teachers, and the child.


学生的学习概况是老师对您孩子的表现和学习进度的观察。 这份个人资料是您(家长)、老师和孩子之间的重要沟通。

8. Evaluation and Assessment

There are three levels that your children can join (L1, L2, and L3), each depending on your children’s age and Chinese language proficiency. Periodically through the course, the teacher will fill in a Grading Assessment Form and recommend the most suitable level your child should continue in.


您的孩子可以参加三个级别(L1、L2 和 L3),每个级别取决于您孩子的年龄和中文水平。在课程期间,老师会填写评分评估表,并推荐您的孩子最合适的级别。

9. Teaching Materials

All teaching materials will be provided, free of shipping, according to your child’s course grade.



10. Languages Used by the Teachers

Each class will have different levels of challenges depending on your children’s grasp of the Chinese language. As such, teachers will use varying levels of  English and Chinese language to communicate.

L1 – The teacher will use some English during class to help your children understand Chinese better.

L2 – The teacher will speak in Chinese as much as possible while teaching. If your child does not understand, the teacher will use English to help explain.

L3 – The teacher will use Chinese throughout class to help children better communicate in Chinese.



L1 – 老师会在课堂上使用一些英文来帮助您的孩子更好地理解中文。

L2 – 老师在教学时会尽量用中文讲。如果您的孩子听不懂,老师会用英文解释。

L3 – 老师会全程使用中文,帮助孩子们更好地使用中文交流。

11. Others

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to speak to our representative or contact your children’s teacher via WhatsApp. We will be delighted to assist you.



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