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To Dear Parents 给家长的话:

Chinese has been recognized as one of the dominant world languages and of great
importance for our younger generations to acquire.
Thank you for choosing us as your child’s partner in this second/third language learning
journey. We aim to bring interest-sparking experiences to your little ones with stories, cards
and creative activities.
To help your child learn, we seek your cooperation to trust us in developing interest in Chinese
language, and as much as possible, create a positive language environment at home using
our materials, as well as our online resources:


Welcome to StoryChopsticks Magic School! Below is everything you need to know about enrolling. Please read it carefully to ensure your little prince/little princess has a smooth and easy experience.

月付- 订阅后每月自动扣款,可以自己终止订阅,例如:8/13订阅上课,9/29停止订 阅,可

堂数- 有8堂/25堂/50堂,使用期限为2个月/6个月/12个月,如因特殊因素,需要请长假,

1. Requesting For Leave

  • For monthly subscription
    Payment will be automatically deducted from your account every month, and you may cancel the subscription on your own at any time.
    For example: Subscription started August 13th, then canceled on September 29th. Therefore classes will end by October 13th. You may then continue where you left off by subscribing again.

  • How to ask for a Leave
     Please inform the teacher through Mifan a day before class starts if you need to
    take leave for an extended period of time.

    If the duration of leave time exceeds 2 days, we will make up a lesson for the parents. For example, if you miss 8 lessons in a month, we will make up 4 lessons. Parents can use it after terminating the subscription.
  • For other subscriptions
    There is a validity period for each package as follows:
    – 8 classes – 2 month
    – 25 classes – 6 months
    – 50 classes – 12 months
    If you are going on an extended vacation due to special reasons, you will need to provide proof to have the validity period extended.
  • How to ask for a Leave 
     Please inform the teacher the duration of your leave a day before class starts via
    Mifan. Please note that class credits will be deducted if a student is absent without

我们有Mifan , Storyland /Zoom 两种工具,下列连结为工具使用方法PDF档,家长可以参加PDF档

2. Platforms used for Classes

We have two platforms: Moodle and Gather. The following link is the user guide on how to use these platforms. Parents are encouraged to read through the guides to familiarize themselves with the platforms. 
Download the file here.


3. Mi Fan-Learning Management System

All communication with the teacher shall be done via Moodle. This includes:

  • Notifying the teacher of a change in schedule
  • Notifying the teacher for the request of leave
  • Confirming teaching materials required for next class
  • Browsing through your child’s observation record 
  • Browsing through your child’s class records
  • Handing in your child’s drawing assignments
  • and others


4. Class Rules in Gather

 Please ensure your child joins the class on time and always follows the teacher’s
instruction. Please maintain the surrounding quiet during class.
Once your child is settled in, turn on the video and pay attention to the teacher.
During class, allow your child and the teacher to interact in Storyland’s classroom.
Do not walk around the campus while class is ongoing.
We will provide enough time for your child to happily explore Storyland after each
class session is completed. Note:Please use a laptop for class.


5. Renewing Your Classes

You will receive a renewal notice when there are only 2 classes left. You can choose to renew your classes either by:

  • getting another set of classes (8 classes/25 classes/50 classes)
  • joining the monthly subscription

Payment can be made either by credit card or bank transfer.


6. Transferring Your Classes

Transferring Your Classes
You are allowed to transfer your class credits to another person, if you decide to discontinue your classes with us. However, this term is only valid for the total class credits you are left from your purchase, excluding the total free classes given (if any).


7. National Holidays
There will be no classes on Chinese New Year (1 week), Hari Raya (1 week), Christmas (1 day) and New Year’s Eve (1 day) and New Year (1 day).


8. Student’s Learning Profile  

The Story Records is the teacher’s record of your child’s performance and progress in learning the Chinese language and creative drawings 48 hours after each lesson.
This record is an important communication channel between you (the parents), the teachers, and the child. For the best learning experience, we suggest allowing your child
to watch the recordings repeatedly to better hone their Chinese language skills. The recordings can be found in the Mifan’s Story Record file. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the teacher through Mifan.

课程将依孩子年龄及华文程度分级L1、L2、L3,老师将填写分级评量并在评量表上 给予建议

9. Evaluation and Assessment

There are three levels that your children can join (L1, L2, and L3), each dependent
on your children’s age and Chinese language proficiency.
Periodically through the course, the teacher will fill in a Grading Assessment Form
and recommend the most suitable level your child should continue in.
If your subscription is for 8 classes, the teacher will fill the assessment on the 6th
lesson and place it in the Mifan’s Story Record file.
If your subscription is for 25 classes, the teacher will fill the assessment on the
10th and 22nd classes, and place them in the Mifan’s Story Record file.


10. Teaching Materials

All teaching materials will be provided, free of charge, according to your child’s course grade and the number of classes subscribed.
For example: If your child’s grade is in L2-STORY1 and you have purchased 8 classes, we will provide you with the teaching materials that will be used in all 8 classes according
to the course schedule.

L1- 老师在课程中将使用一点英文,有助于孩子更理解华文。
L2- 老师尽可能用华文上课,若遇到孩子有不了解时,以英文协助。
L3- 老师将在课程使用华文上课,让这分级的孩子常用华文与老师沟通。

11. Languages Used by the Teachers

Each class will have different levels of difficulty depending on your children’s grasp of the Chinese language. As such, teachers will use varying levels of  English and Chinese language to communicate.

L1 – The teacher will use some English during class to help your children understand Chinese better.
L2 – The teacher will speak in Chinese as much as possible while teaching. If your child does not understand, the teacher will use English to help explain.
L3 – The teacher will use Chinese throughout class to help children better communicate in Chinese.


12. Others

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact your children’s
teacher via Mifan. We will reply as soon as we can!

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