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雅雯 Ya wen

国籍 Nationality : 台湾 Taiwanese

语言水平 Language proficiency  :华文 Chinese、一點英文 Little English

教育背景 Education background :畢業於中台科技大学 幼儿教育系、托婴中心/幼儿园14年

关于我 About me  : 我是一位有热情、有耐心的老师,希望能为我的学生们提供有温度和无限创作的空间,以及正面思考的力量。透过游戏和活动来吸引他们,让我的课程变得更丰富有趣,激发学生的学习汉语的能力,增加他们对课程的兴趣与爱好。
I am an enthusiastic and patient teacher, hoping to provide my students with a warm and unlimited space for creative work, as well as the power to think positively. Attract them through games and activities, make my courses more interesting, stimulate students’ ability to learn Chinese, and increase their interest and love for the course.

班级 Classes  : 全中文教学 Teaches in full Chinese

魔法能力 Magic skills :让孩子喜欢我的课~~用我的笑容来融化孩子的心,一起开心上课
Let the child like my class~~ Melt the child’s heart with my smile and have a happy class together.

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