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陈成莹 Angel

国籍 Nationality : 马来西亚 Malaysian

语言水平 Language proficiency  :华文 Chinese、英文 English, 马来文 Bahasa Melayu

教育背景 Education background  :会计大专; ACCA 特许公认会计师公会 Diploma in Accounting

关于我 About me  : 哈咯,我是成莹老师!教学是我的热忱,但学生们的进步和努力更是我教学最大的动力哦!闲暇之余,我平时爱看看戏剧和写写故事!放轻松,老师将和你们听说故事, 动手作画, 观看视频,还有重点是开开玩笑!你们肯定会爱上中文的!老师我感到很兴奋可以成为学生们中文学习的同伴哦!就让我带领你们遨游中文世界!

Hello, I am teacher Angel. Teaching is my passion, but students’ improvement and striving spirit are definitely what pushing me the most! I usually love to watch dramas and write stories during spare time. Just relax, we’ll be reading stories, doing artwork and watching videos and on top of all, joking around! You will certainly fall in love with Mandarin! I am excited to partner with you in your Mandarin learning journey! Now, allow me to lead you in exploring the world of Mandarin!

班级 Classes  :
Teaches in full Chinese or full English 全中文教学或全英文;
Teaches in Chinese/ English 会融入英文;
Teaches in Chinese/ Malay 会融入马来文 .

魔法能力 Magic skills :
Born amuser here! Children crack up whenever I etch an exaggerated facial expression and then they listen. Voilà, that’s my ultimate secret!

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