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覃钊颖 Cham Zhao Ying

国籍 Nationality :马来西亚 Malaysian

语言水平 Language proficiency  :华文 Chinese、英文 English, 马来文 Melayu

教育背景 Education background  : 马来西亚理科大学 翻译系
University Sains Malaysia B.A (Hons) Translation with Interpretation

关于我 About me  : 我是钊颖老师。我是一位开朗积极和热情的老师。我会针对个别的孩子使用不同的方法来授课过程中与他们交流好让他们可以参与并享受学习中文的乐趣,也会融入互动式游戏活动和颜色丰富的视觉教材来激发学生的兴趣和创造力
My name is Zhao Ying. I am a cheerful, positive and passionate teacher. I’ll use various way to approach and interact with my students individually so that they can participate and enjoy learning Chinese. I’ll also introduce interactive games, activities and illustrations with bright colors to spark my students’ interest and creativity.

班级 Classes  :
全中文教学或全英文 Teaches in full Chinese or full English
会融入英文 Teaches in Chinese/ English

魔法能力 Magic skills : 帮助害羞的小朋友敞开心扉 Helping shy kids to open up

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