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王詩函 Stella

国籍 Nationality :台湾 Taiwanese

语言水平 Language proficiency  :华文 Chinese、英文 English

教育背景 Education background  :畢業於中台科技大学 幼儿教育系、幼儿园3年、感統教育中心6年、出版社5年(在職中)

关于我 About me  : 大家好,我是詩函老師,我是一個喜歡和孩子玩的老師,音樂、畫畫、閱讀與創作是我的興趣,我希望每個孩子都有快樂美好的童年回憶,也期許自己可以成為很棒的老師。
Hello everyone. My name is Shih-Han Wang. You can call me teacher Stella. I am a teacher who likes to play with children. Music, painting, reading and creation are my interests. I hope that every child will have happy and beautiful childhood memories, and I also hope that I can become a great teacher.

班级 Classes  : 以中英双语进行教学 Teaches in Mandarin and English

魔法能力 Magic skills  :Learning & Playing & Loving in class


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