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杨雅西 Yang Ya Xi

国籍 Nationality : 中国 Chinese

语言水平 Language proficiency  :华文 Chinese、英文 English

教育背景 Education background  : MBA of Heriot Watt University

关于我 About me : 我是雅西老师我的性格开朗温柔有耐心,我的兴趣爱好广泛,会弹古筝会唱歌。兴趣爱好是看动漫,摄影,看书。做事比较用心,有较强的责任感,对小朋友充满爱心 希望可以和你们一起有趣的学习华文
Hi, I’m Yaxi My personality is cheerful, gentle and patient. I have a wide range of interests and hobbies. I can play the guzheng and sing. Hobbies are watching anime, photography, and reading books. Work more attentively, have a strong sense of responsibility, and be full of love for children.Hope to have fun learning Chinese with you

班级 Classes  : 以中英双语进行教学 Teaches in Mandarin and English

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