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張依柔 Joyce

国籍 Nationality :台湾 Taiwanese

语言水平 Language proficiency  : 中文為母語 可以用英文溝通和上課

教育背景 Education background  : 台灣師範大學 企業管理學系

关于我 About me  : Hello 我是依柔~也可以叫我Joyce!我是個非常樂觀開朗的人,我非常喜歡小朋友也很有耐心,上課時我不只會教導課程內容,也會分享許多新奇有趣的事物給小朋友(尤其是美食哈哈),希望透過活潑有趣的上課方式讓小朋友喜歡上中文課!
Hello I’m Joyce~ I’m a person who is very optimistic and outgoing. I like children and always being patient. I will not only teach the contents of the class but also share lots of fresh things to children. (especially delicious food haha!)Hope to let children like having Chinese class through the interesting atmosphere we created together!

班级 Classes  : 以中英双语进行教学 Teaches in Mandarin and English

魔法能力 Magic skills : 打造活潑的上課氛圍,喜歡和小朋友聊天和分享有趣的事物,同時鼓勵小朋友分享有關自己的事~
Create a lively class atmosphere, and I like to chat and share interesting things with children. At the same time, I encourage children to share things about themselves~

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