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刘乐仁 Laureey

国籍 Nationality :印度尼西亚 Indonesian

语言水平 Language proficiency  :华语 Mandarin,英语  English,法语 French,印尼语 Indonesian

教育背景 Education background  :文藻大学法语系 Wenzao University of Languages, Taiwan

关于我 About me : 大家好!我叫刘乐仁。大家可以叫我的英文名字:Laureey。从小,我已经对学习外语特别感兴趣。除了汉语以外,我也会说英语,法语及印尼语。希望学生们能透过故事筷子的教学方式有一个既有效又好玩的学习汉语环境。祝大家学习愉快!
Hi everyone, my name is Laureey Liu, you can just call me Laureey. Since I was little, I started to have great interests in learning languages. In addition to Chinese, I also speak English, French and Indonesian. I’d be very happy to help students have effective and fun Chinese learning experience with Story Chopstick. Happy learning!

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