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佑翔 Yo Xiang

国籍 Nationality :台湾 Taiwanese

语言水平 Language proficiency  :华文 Chinese、英文 English

教育背景 Education background  : 就读台湾师范大学数学系  Mathematics at NTNU

关于我 About me  :
Nice to meet you! I’m a very easy-going teacher, Yo Xiang. I like to make my class be a lively, relaxed vibe, and full of laugh sound. I’ll use questions to guide students to talk more, to share the toys s/he has with me initiative, or even what happened today. Every child is unique, and teaching methods are of course different for different students. I want my students see me as their older brother rather than see me as a teacher, leading them to create a variety of stories that only belongs to them. Let’s having fun learning Mandarin together~~~

班级 Classes  : 以中英双语进行教学 Teaches in Mandarin and English

Magic skills 魔法能力 :
When my students see me, they start talking nonstop!

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