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My child has no basics in Chinese. Can he join the class?

Yes, of course! In fact, our curriculum has been designed to spark interest in learning and keep children intrigued. Some of our students have also successfully advanced to our Kidspublish programme.

My child is 9 years old but he cannot speak a single word. Will he be too old to start at Level 1 where everyone is only 4 years old?

As our classes are divided into 3 levels with various sublevels. Once you have completed the trial or purchased a class package, through our course consultant’s assistance, we’ll then match and place your child in the appropriate level. For example, a 9 year old may join at Level 1-4 with classmates who are around the same age and proficiency level. For more details, have a look at our curriculum structure

What do you assess during the trial class?

Our teachers assess a child’s understanding, reading, communicating, writing and creative skills during trial classes. Parents will receive these  assessments in a learning profile. Our Course Consultant will then review it together with you and answer any of your questions.

Are there any offline classes?

We aim to build a virtual school accessible to children from all over the world. Our classes are online at the moment, but we are weighing the option of hosting offline classes too. If you are interested, please register your interest here

Can I change the schedule after I join/subscribe to your classes?

Yes, you may. However do take note that rescheduling will require accommodating the teacher’s schedule as well.

Are there any subtitles in classes?

We encourage children to learn Chinese by being inspired through storytelling. Our classes focusses on creativity and are fully guided by our teachers in a live session. If a second language is needed in the class, our teachers will be happy to help your child.

Can you share a recording of your class session?

We are unable to share actual class videos due to privacy issues. However, you may browse our YouTube channel to get a sense of what we do.


Where can I find the profiles of the Teacher?

We are in the midst of building our teachers’ profile and will be uploading it into our website soon. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team for more information.

Where are your teachers from?

Most of our teachers are from Taiwan, but we also have teachers from China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

How do I request to change a teacher and find one that’s more suited to my kid?

Just drop a message to our customer service and our course consultant will get in touch with you.

Will my child be assigned with the same teacher before and after I signed up?

This can definitely be arranged. Please let us know of this desire and your available days for future long term class planning prior to the commencement of the trial class.


Do you teach Chinese writing?

Yes, we do! Children who are ready for writing lessons will be taught by our teachers according to their proficiency level.

Do you teach Pinyin?

Yes, we do! Pinyin class is one of our new product launches in March. Join our Pinyin classes by signing up here and our team will be in touch soon

Where can I have a look at your curriculum structure?

You may view our curriculum structure here

Do I receive books every month?

Our materials are sent to students base on the number of lessons they attend in classes instead of monthly basis. For example, a student may enter a class which starts at Lesson Number 10. Hence, we will send the books related to this lesson.

Student's Progress

Do you provide a progress report for my child?

Yes, we do! Our teachers will prepare a summary observation report after each class. Additionally after every 8 classes, parents will receive a progress report. All of this can be accessed on our online learning management system.

How long should I wait to see my child speaking in Chinese fluently?

We provide access to class recordings of each session on our online learning management system. To encourage faster progress in learning Chinese, parents may replay these sessions at your own convenience and revise them with your child to encourage faster progress in learning Chinese.

Other Services

Do you have a conversational class?

Yes, we do! Our conversational class is our upcoming new product launch. Join our conversational classes by signing up here and our team will get in touch with you.

Do you have Chinese learning classes for adults?

Our classes currently focus on children aged 3-12. However we are taking a poll to seek those who are interested in adult classes. If you are, please click here and our team will get in touch with you.

Do you have a one on one class?

One of our core beliefs is that socialization is important for children’s education. Hence, our classes are designed to integrate this element. It also makes classes more fun. We hope your child will give it a chance!

Do you provide help with my child’s homework?

At StoryChopsticks, we designed our own curriculum, books and flashcards. In our classes, we make learning interesting and intriguing for the children by using our own materials.

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