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StoryChopsticks has successfully raised a seed round investment of US$1 million

As many of you have already known, we are excited to announce that StoryChopsticks has successfully raised a US$1 Million Seed Round. We’re thrilled to have investors that believe in our long-term vision in cultivating creativity, and we wanted to share what that means to us.

When we started a year ago, it was just a mother and a teacher who are story creators and wished to inspire young children to learn Chinese through story creation. The world is ever changing, accelerating the development of new ways to live and work. The value of creators is becoming more obvious when people are facing the challenges of an AI dominated world.

Why create?

Great works are done by creators. Look around you and you’ll find everything is a creation, done by someone who visualized the concept, putting together an execution plan to realize it, selling the final product in a platform/place, and eventually acquired by you.

Creators make the world a better place. All industries such as manufacturing, retail, and logistics have been transformed by the impact of creators. For instance, twenty years ago, it was hard to imagine ordering food, booking a ride or streaming videos from a palm sized device, but now we are using these APPs everyday.

That is why it is important to create. We wish to inspire young children with the ability to create, because only those who can imagine and create can make things happen, transforming society and leading advancement. Being able to create will be the most essential skill for the next 100 years.

Build a young creators’ generation

The ability to create centres on the process of forming original ideas through exploration and discovery. It is the experiences, rather than the end product, that develops creativity in children. 

We should also be aware that creativity is found in all aspects of a growing child’s life and can be learned from daily activities. From the various tones and animated voices used in storytelling, to the simple jingle and movements used to teach a child how to wash their hands, or even giving your child the freedom to choose their own clothes, these actions will sow the seeds of creativity.

Being creators ourselves, we know the best way to engage young children in their Chinese language learning process is through our unique creativity based methodology. Constantly, creativity has been manifested in our programs and products.

On 28 June 2021, we launched the world’s first book entirely created by 3 young children – 6-year-old Theo from Seattle, 6-year-old Zachary from Jersey city and 7-year-old Yunzhi from Singapore. All three are StoryChopsticks’ students.

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As a culmination of their learning, these young Chinese language learners work on their very own Chinese stories with guidance from our facilitators, and in the process experience the joy and pain of the creative publishing process.

On 28 Aug 2021, we launched our Disneyland-like virtual school ground, StoryLand, and gathered 200 children (3-12 years old) in our Grand Opening to experience the Metaverse in Education across 10 time zones.

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Nearly 1000 kids from 5 continents have joined StoryLand to learn, play games, or make new friends from different countries. Some have formed precious friendships across continents.

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(5 year old Sheng Zhi (Singapore) demonstrated a swab test to his StoryChopsticks fellow student Theodor (Germany) – Look, this is how it’s done. Nothing to worry about!)

We are lucky enough to have 100+ families in Indonesia paying more than US$60 every month for their kids to receive our original books at home and attend our biweekly online classes. In addition, we are beginning to see organic new students in developed markets such as AU, EU and US.

It’s been humbling to see all that StoryChopsticks has done for children over the past year, but we’re just getting started. We have a long road ahead of us as we work towards a Metaverse in Education that cultivates hundreds of millions, if not billions, of junior creators.

Our North Star

Everyone of us should be committed to building StoryChopsticks with the right values. And we think these values are essential:

  • Learning should be fun. Learning has been fun and rewarding, and that is why the caveman acquired the knowledge to build tools, harvest plants and tame animals. They have also invented languages, maths and science to pass on valuable knowledge. It is almost ironic that many of us find school boring. How about we engage children with the most interest-sparking methods and make learning fun again?
  • Creativity is more important than grades. Often what the school measures cannot be translated into a rewarding later life. On the other hand, when one learns to create, they can often lead their own life journey, explore their own boundaries and enjoy a satisfactory life filled with novel inventions.
  • Create products/services that children love. As creators ourselves, we are motivated to build our products and services with our young users in mind. From the first ever story we wrote, to the comprehensive Metaverse in education we build, our team keeps on improving based upon real-time feedback from our learners. We will continue to be relentlessly customer centric, making the learning journey with StoryChopsticks the most compelling one in the world.

Done correctly, we believe StoryChopsticks can be as much a positive force as the Renaissance. We are proud to have you being part of this movement, building on Metaverse in education, making millions of children fall in love with learning through creating.

Happy New Year!


1 Jan 2022

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